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To do in Costa del Este

Costa del Este Este is one of the best areas in Panama, it is well known for its beautiful views and its proximity to schools, businesses, restaurants, malls, churches, parks and much more.

Can you imagine waking up from your apartment overlooking the sea?

In this article we mention some of the many things you can do on a daily basis if you lived in Costa del Este.

1. Waking up at home, opening the balcony windows and contemplating the ocean view for a few minutes.

Contemplate your view of the sea for a few minutes

2. School transport ready to take children to school. In Costa del Este there is a variety of schools of excellent quality such as the San Agustín School, the Interamerican Academy of Panama, the Brader School, among others. The best thing is that we can also find nurseries for the little ones.

School transportation

3. While children are in school, it is always a good option to exercise so you can enjoy a healthy body. If you are a person who enjoys outdoor exercise you can run in the Felipe Motta Park or jog in the Paseo Roberto Motta or if you prefer exercising in gyms you can go to Power Club or Planet Fitness which is located in Santa María very close to Coste del Este.

Work out

4. One of the many privileges of Costa del Este is how close you are to the malls, restaurants and shops. After that exercise session you can enjoy a coffee in places like Café Unido in front of Town Center or in Starbucks in Atrio Mall.

Malls, restaurants and shops

 5. Where to eat? We can find delicious options for breakfast and lunch in places like 2 Spoons, Ambrosia, Athanasiou ... or maybe an American breakfast in Ihop.

Delicious meals

6. Don’t forget to enjoy the afternoons with the children and take them to have fun; there are many outdoor options such as those mentioned above in Paseo Roberto Motta, Parque Felipe Motta and Parque Las Garzas. There are also options like Fun Spot, Zero Gravity or visiting cinemas like Cinepolis in Town Center.

Children playing

Costa del Este is an excellent place to live, we can also find well known places as Farmacias Arrocha where we make those last minute shopping, the most assorted supermarkets in Panama such as Riba Smith, Rey and Super 99, beauty salons such as Fuzion Salón, Salvador and others and best of all the malls such as Atrio Mall and Town Center that in addition to its famous stores, will have Pacífica Salud, the first Hospital of Costa del Este.


6 things to do in costa del este  - November 22nd, 2017

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